About The Workshop

For Professional Woodworking Tradesmen

About The Work Space

The Woodwork Workshop enables any experienced woodworking professional to deliver a project more quickly, easily and efficiently.

Set in a 3700 sq ft unit, it houses not only a comprehensive collection of production quality industrial machinery but also a selection of smaller power tools and an airline to every bench space. A range of hand tools may also be available to hire, by agreement.

There is ample bench space and sockets throughout the workshop to accommodate a small team of people working together.

An internal CCTV system has been installed to enhance security and Health & Safety.

Outside there is off road parking for two vehicles just in front of the unit. Access to the workshop is through a double door entrance, making it easier to bring in and take out larger items.

Other facilities include a kitchenette, break time area & WC.

Machine Knowledge & Competency

There is a wide range of industrial woodworking machinery in the workshop and it’s important that you are able to demonstrate some experience in using it before the hire period commences.

If you have experience in working several of the machines, but not all, then we may be able to give training on a piece of equipment which you don’t have direct experience of but would like to use. (There is an extra charge for time taken in training).

If it’s your first time using our workshop, we will arrange to meet you beforehand to do a full run-through of all the machinery you would like to use.

All machinery within the workshop is available for use, but you can only use the machines mutually agreed upon before commencement of the hire. This is for the sake of both Health & Safety and care of the machinery.

Workshop Health & Safety

Health & safety is of course a big consideration in the woodworking industry and we have adhered to HSE requirements in creating the workshop. Amongst other measures this includes;

  • All machinery installed & maintained in compliance of the Provision and Use of Work Equipment Regulations 1998 (PUWER)
  • Braking being retrofitted to any machinery that requires it but did not already have it fitted
  • A full dust extraction system fitted to capture and remove the wood dust and reduce exposure to it to “as low as is reasonably practicable”
  • Rubber matting on walkways between machinery to reduce the risk of slips and falls
  • Provision of several industrial size powder fire extinguishers

Working with any machinery or power tools will always carry some risk and it is the hirer’s responsibility to be honest about their experience and competence in using the machinery before commencement of hire.

Hiring The Workshop

Before Hiring

i) Check our Availability Calendar to see if the workshop is free for the time you wish to hire it.
ii) If it’s your first time of hiring then please Contact Us first to discuss your requirements.
iii) If you’ve already hired the workshop previously then you can send us details of your requirements by email, or via our Contact Form. See our Booking The Workshop page for more info.
iv) If it’s your first time of hiring we will arrange to meet you before the intended commencement of hire date to give you a tour of the workshop and our machinery.
v) During this visit you can let us know which of the machines you would like to use and about your experience in using them. It is expected that you will have had experience of using some industrial woodworking machinery and you will need to demonstrate competence in doing so.
vi) If there is a machine you would like to use but have no previous experience of then training may be available to do so, at an extra cost.
vii) The hiring of the workshop does not include insurance against any injury sustained by anyone working in the unit. It is up to the hirer to have adequate insurance for themselves and anyone working with them at the time.
viii) The hirer will be asked to read and sign a Hire Agreement and Risk Assessment Form which will, amongst other things, outline the period of hire, machinery which can be used, the number of people using the workshop, and the responsibility of the hirer for his own health and safety and that of anyone working with him at the time.
ix) As well as the rental payment, a deposit of £200 is also required before the hire period commences. This will be refunded at the end of the hire period as long as the workshop, machinery and any other equipment are returned in the same condition as at commencement of hire.
x) The hirer’s responsibilities and liabilities for any damage to machinery, power tools or hand tools will be fully explained during the initial tour of the workshop. However this can be mitigated by the taking out of a Damage Liability Waiver at £5 per day.

During Hire

i) On your first day of hire we will meet you at the workshop to hand over the keys and answer any other questions you may have.
ii) A standard working week & day is considered as Monday to Friday – 8am to 5pm. Working outside these hours is by agreement only.
iii) The hirer must adhere to the terms and conditions within the Hire Agreement & Risk Assessment Forms, including only using the previously agreed machinery, the number of people using the workshop and the responsibility of the hirer for his own health and safety and that of anyone working with him at the time.
iv) Please report any issues with either the machinery, or within the workshop itself immediately.
v) The workshop is the full responsibility of the hirer for any loss or damage during the period of hire.
vi) An internal CCTV system has been installed to enhance security and Health & Safety.
vii) The costing of sanding belts for the 3 Belt Sander can be agreed upon your requirements and usage.
viii) Use of the kitchenette, break time area and toilet is included within the hire, but please do leave as you found it after use.
ix) At the end of the hire period, brush down the machines and benches used and sweep the floor to leave the workshop clean & tidy.
x) We will meet with you on the last day of your rental period to carry out an end of hire check and collect the keys. As long as everything is satisfactory your £200 deposit will then be returned.

Please note: We have tried to cover every eventuality and question we think may arise, but please don’t hesitate to get in touch with anything we’ve missed, or if anything is not clear. Thank you.

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